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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chad Ochocinco MLS Player?

Chad Ochocinco is too cool to be locked out. He reportedly has started trying out for an MLS team based in Kansas City. Fuck a lockout, Ochocinco will play the real football while he waits for the NFL and Player's Union to finish their litigation.

Imagine this goon on the soccer field

From ESPN:
Ochocinco began his four-day trial with Sporting Kansas City, moving fluidly on the field on a cold, blustery day. More than 40 media members were on hand to watch the locked-out NFL player, who spent much of the morning getting individual instruction from assistant coach Zoran Savic.
Ochocinco, a six-time Pro Bowler, started playing soccer when he was 4, but quit in high school to focus on football.

Ochocinco is king of douchebags. C'mon dude don't act like just because you're a beast athlete you can play soccer. I mean it is MLS so I'm sure he'll do okay, but this is like a high end Vegas call girl stooping to giving blowjobs for crack rocks. It juts makes him look like a pathetic twat.

If I was the coach of this team, I'd tell the fucker to go home and quit being a douche.

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