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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dez Bryant's Saggin' Pants

Dude, this is some real shit. I couldn't believe this story. How is it not going to come out that the cops who ejected Dez Bryant and his friends from a shopping mall in Dallas aren't KKK members?

From ESPN:
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was ejected from an upscale Dallas shopping mall and given a criminal trespass warning from off-duty police officers Saturday after a dispute over the sagging pants worn by him and some companions.

A Tuesday police statement says Bryant and three companions were involved in an incident at NorthPark Center where security asked them to pull their pants up because their underwear was showing.

It gets better.

Bryant has a history of problems at the mall, according to the police report, including an incident at a store where police had to intervene after the wide receiver cut in line and a parking citation for parking in the fire lane. Bryant was also involved in a "major disturbance" at one of the mall's restaurants with an unknown woman. Police were called, but both Bryant and the woman were gone before they arrived.

Is the NorthPark mall just after Dez? I mean talk about fucking haters. He cut in line and the cops intervened? What the fucking fuck is that about? Who calls the 5-0 when an NFL wideout cuts you in line? And it's in DALLAS. He's your hometown boy. Turst me if Wes Walker wanted to cut me in line at Dick's, I would be honored, that little fucker is a beast. I think there are some racist mall cops over there in NorthPark Center.

Pull ya pants up Dez

And another thing, since when do malls have a fucking dress code? Is this some kind of fancy mall? That seems like an oxy fucking moron to me. Every scrub known to man lurks around malls on Saturdays, so the NFL guy can't rock his pants low? Something doesn't seem right about this story, I just don't know what.

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