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Monday, April 25, 2011

NBA, Why Riding One Superstar Backfires

So it is coming to round two of the NBA Playoffs, and there is one theme that is prevalent on the surface of many of the first-round series. Injuries. Chauncey Billups' injury crippled the Knicks ability to compete with the Celtics, Derrick Rose is listed as questionable by the Bulls for game 5.

From ESPN:
The Chicago Bulls have listed Derrick Rose as questionable for Game 5 on Tuesday against the Indiana Pacers.

Rose underwent an MRI on Sunday, which showed a sprained left ankle. Rose didn't practice Monday, but coach Tom Thibodeau is optimistic Rose will play and said the swelling is down. He'll receive a pain-killing injection before Game 5.

"He's feeling a little better," Thibodeau said. "Hopefully he'll be able to go tomorrow."
Rose twisted the ankle during the first quarter of Game 4 on Saturday in Indianapolis. He left the court and returned in the second quarter, but he didn't seem as explosive. 

Both Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul are fighting through injuries as well.

Kobe hurt his ankle in the Lakers game 4 loss against the Hornets.

From ESPN:
NEW ORLEANS -- Kobe Bryant rolled his left ankle late in the Los Angeles Lakers' 93-88 loss to the New Orleans Hornets in Game 4 of their first-round series on Sunday.

"It's sore," Bryant said, conducting his postgame interview in the training room area of the visitor's locker room at New Orleans Arena rather than at the podium for the televised press conference. "It just rolled over. It's been weeks since I hurt it last and when it happens, when you roll your ankle once, it's easy to go and it just went."

Kobe is now saying the injury is his foot more than his ankle.

So we all know this happens. The NBA season is fucking long. But this is the reason why teams win NBA Championships, not single players. The New Orleans v Lakers series is the perfect example. Chris Paul versus Kobe. Whoever has a worse game loses it for their team. If Kobe is hurt CP 3 could lead the Hornets to the next round because of one player's foot. That's not a good team.

This is why teams like the Heat and Celtics. They are complete teams. If Paul Pierce is off, Kevin Garnett goes nuts. If Lebron is having a bad game, D Wade just starts dropping buckets. This is why I'm calling the Celtics v Heat to be the best series in the NBA Playoffs, two teams with more than one superstar. That is how you win championships.

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