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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NFL Lockout, Over but Not Really

From ESPN:
Some players tried to go back to work Tuesday, but most who did were told they couldn't work out at team facilities once they entered the building in one of the oddest days in league history. The New York Giants allowed defensive tackle Giants Chris Canty to work out but then later Tuesday released a statement saying no players would be allowed to do the same Wednesday. 

Most left in a matter of minutes with more questions than answers.
"It drives me insane, that's what it does," said Chicago rookie J'Marcus Webb, who was told he and a handful of other Bears couldn't use the team's weight room. "I'm trying to eat healthy and work out, do my job and right now I'm just stuck at home working out and watching cartoons all day.
"What's up with that? Let me get back to what I do best."

That could take a while. The 2011 season, and the business between 32 teams and their thousands of anxious players, are in a holding pattern. The NFL said Tuesday that it needed "a few days to sort this out" and provide some rules for everyone to follow.

Jerry Jones, and you thought he was the only douche NFL owner
Look, I'm not a law guy. I don't understand why the NFL players are being treated like children. If the lockout was broken by a judge, they should get to work out. These are professional athletes, they don't need trainers and coaches to properly work out. Give me a fucking break NFL. All this shit just makes the owners look like huge douchebags. Good PR move not letting players work out, jackasses.

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