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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Thing About 420...

Alright today is going to be a lean day on the blogging. I got real life shit to do people, get over it.

But I had to talk about one thing I've noticed about 4/20 over the years. It brings out morons by the truckload. People walking around with sunglasses on and it's dark out laughing like idiots talking about how cool weed is. These are the people that make me want to kill 4/20. Can't everyone just shut the fuck up and listen to music and blaze and talk and hang out? I think people who make the biggest deal about 4/20 are the people who smoke the least. Like come on people, try to at least act like pro's.

The real stoners are the ones who aren't running around giggling about being high in public or smoking in the open. They have done it before and act the part. The rookies are the ones who think it is some crazy big deal to be stoned out of your mind in class or something. Like anyone gives a fuck. Act like you've been high before or stick to booze.

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