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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hostage-Taker Updates Facebook

From the NY Daily News:
Jason Valdez has taken social networking to a new level.

The 36-year-old Utah man held a woman hostage at a motel during a 16-hour overnight standoff with police - all the while updating his status on Facebook to keep his friends and family in the loop.

He even got a tip from a friend who posted on his Facebook wall that a SWAT officer was hiding in the bushes outside the Ogden motel.

"Thank you homie," Valdez wrote Saturday. "Good looking out."

Valdez also audaciously posted photos of his hostage, Veronica, with a tag "Got a cute 'hostage' huh?"
Authorities eventually raided the room, at which point Valdez shot himself in the chest with a handgun, police said. He is in critical condition.

His hostage was unharmed. 

Dude, what the fuck? This shit is fucked up. Like I would be on Facebook if I was in a standoff with a SWAT team. They'll just creep the shit out of your page and when you post, boom, they kick in the fucking door and put two in your dome. Really fucking smart.

"Cute hostage huh?" Like, yeah dude sweet. Like I wonder if this happened to his friends often. Oh shit look another one of the homies took a hostage! Oh look, she's a hotty! Fucking psychopaths.

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