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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Man Issues: Sexting

Alright its been all over the national and local news. Anthony Weiner, the Saratoga Springs Police Chief, it seems like every guy with some public office loves to send picks of his cock to chicks. Look, it is a symptom of the times. People want instant gratification. Wait until after work to bone your lady? No sir, send her a picture of your dick while you whack it in the bathroom during your lunch break. That's healthy.

Look, I'm just saying, even if you are a regular guy, don't send pictures of your dick to chicks. It isn't attractive. Have you ever just looked down at your dick? Not too pretty. Just wait to meet up and bone like normal fucking people did before picture messages. Now, there are a few exceptions.

If she sends you a sexy naked picture, and wants to see your cock in return, who am I to say don't send it? Just understand that like in many other situations, she will have you by the balls.

And then when you get some famous fucking job the girl (probably now a cock-whore) will come out from under a rock and show your cock to Twitter. Just be ready, getting that naked picture can have some consequences, gents. Stick with the actual fucking, that way when your future political career goes down the tubes at least you got some.

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