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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guyism's Disgusting Food Facts

Guyism just dropped a list of gross food facts and after reading it over a few stuck out and I couldn't resist mentioning them.

From Guyism:

#10 - The average person eats 12 pubic hairs in a year.

We’ve all got the occasional hair in our food at one point or another. Ingesting unwanted hair is more likely to occur at fast food restaurants… and it’s not just the hair that grows on the top of heads that you need to worry about.

Extra pubes please

Alright they start off the fucking list with a bombshell. I mean all these things they list are shit you have some idea about in the back of your head, you just try not to think about them. And this one is fucking gross. I mean you know the only way a pube gets into your food is on purpose. How else could a member of someone's bush find themselves on your burger? Because they put it there. The other things on the list are how gross McDonald's chicken nuggets are, but pubes are way motherfuckin' worse than a processed nugget.

#7 - There are bugs and rodent hair in your peanut butter

FDA laws allow for an average of 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter. In that same half cup of peanut butter, you’ll also find at least one rodent hair (on average). Yum! Now that’s good eating!

Extra crunchy bugs

This is another fucked up member of the list. 30 insect fragment in a half cup of peanut butter? with a rodent hair? Fuck Jiffy, I won't eat another PB+J for the next four years.

#3 - Processed cheese is less than 51% cheese

A more accurate name for Kraft Singles and other packaged cheeses is “cheese-like substance.” Any cheese product labeled as processed or pasteurized includes additives, chemicals and flavorings that account for up 49 percent of the total product. As a result, that cheap cheese in your grocery store has just enough real cheese in it to allow companies to call it cheese.

Cheese, kind of

This to me is kind of a no-brainer but it is still gross. I never eat processed cheese but I know people who devour this shit and it's fucking disgusting. I mean half cheese and half fake shit is cheese-food, not cheese.

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