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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Big 2-1

21st birthdays are probably the strangest tradition ever for Americans. It's the one tradition where the celebration involves trying to kill the person celebrating their birthday. Think about it.

Today I turn 21 and all my friends are going to try to give me alcohol poisoning. They might even succeed, and it will be awesome. But I won't remember any of it and I will probably be puking every five minutes for 4 hours tomorrow. And somehow I will be officially inducted into the world of legal drinking. The only way it will really be a failure is if I get fired from my job for puking on a customer, or if I die. Any other outcome is success.

So just in case I don't make it to tomorrow, thanks to all my readers. And if you are in Saratoga tonight, come try to kill me with alcohol.

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