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Friday, August 5, 2011

Professor Kills Himself During Class

Just think about when you were in college. And imagine that you witnessed this bizarre scene one morning as class starts.

From the Huffington Post:
PHILADELPHIA -- Police say a Philadelphia college professor killed himself by diving over a second-floor railing inside a campus building during class.

The newspaper says the 71-year-old professor walked out of his class Wednesday, returned briefly, yelled and then ran to a second-floor railing outside the classroom. Police say campus security was summoned and Alexandrov dived over the railing and hit the floor, some 20 to 30 feet below.

Lt. Robert Zaffino, a Philadelphia detective, says Alexandrov had had a history of depression and had been having suicidal thoughts.

The private four-year college did not cancel classes but made counselors available to students.

This shit is fucking crazy. What a shitty way to get a class off. I mean how the fuck do you react to your professor leaping over a railing and falling to road-pizza? I would just start drinking. What else can you do?


  1. damnn good thing ebi didn't pull that shit

  2. freshman yr at michigan i had a prof die of a heart attack while skiing on a vaca in colorado. funny thing, his name was prof organski.