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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got Weed?

From High Times:
Last Wednesday Reggae artist Denroy Morgan was pulled over by police for running a stop sign in the Bronx. Unfortunately for Mr. Morgan, offers sniffed out “the pungent aroma” of pot in his vehicle. After questioning from officers, Morgan copped to 25 pounds of marijuana stashed in the trunk of his car.
Morgan was also charged with not wearing a seatbelt.
However, the investigation into Mr. Morgan’s cannabis didn’t end there. The pot trail led back to a two-story brick building in the Bronx where officers observed Wayne Swavy leaving the building with what appeared to be several bundles of marijuana tucked under his arm.
Swavy got into his car and was also pulled over for, you guessed it, not wearing a seat belt.
As it turned out, Mr Swavy was in possession of 16 pounds of pot at the time.
After obtaining a search warrant to check the house Swavy was observed exiting with the stash, investigators discovered “310 pounds of [cannabis], in bales and bags.”
Cops estimate the street value somewhere between $140,000 and $350,000 depending upon potency.

Way to make us stoners look like idiots guys. Probably should buckle up when you have 16 pounds of kush in the trunk you know? I mean at least if you aren't doing anything suspicious the odds you get pulled over are minimal. dude was probably driving at night with no lights on or a seat belt while talking on his cell and smoking a fat blunt. That'll get you busted every time noob.

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