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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Microsoft Knows Where You Sleep

From Huffington Post:
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft allegedly tracks the location of its mobile customers even after users request that tracking software be turned off, according to a new lawsuit.

The proposed class action, filed in a Seattle federal court on Wednesday, says Microsoft intentionally designed camera software on the Windows Phone 7 operating system to ignore customer requests that they not be tracked.

A Microsoft representative could not immediately be reached for comment.

The lawsuit comes after concerns surfaced earlier this year that Apple's iPhones collected location data and stored it for up to a year, even when location software was supposedly turned off. Apple issued a patch to fix the problem.

However, the revelation prompted renewed scrutiny of the nexus between location and privacy. At a hearing in May, U.S. lawmakers accused the tech industry of exploiting location data for marketing purposes -- a potentially multibillion-dollar industry -- without getting proper consent from millions of Americans.

Is there really any reason people are surprised about this shit? Apple knows where your iPhone is at all times. Microsoft knows where your Windows phone is at all times. Google knows where your Droid is at all times. These companies deal in advertisements. What better way to know what ads a customer will respond to than knowing their geographic location?

We're watching

The courts better lock this shit up. I mean even Apple finally stopped illegally tracking it's customers. Microsoft should follow fucking suit. All these companies are slimier than sewer rats. It's shit like this that makes me glad I have a dumb phone instead of a crazy smart follow-you-all-day type phone.

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