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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pot Helps PTSD

So for some reason scientists needed to conduct tests to see that weed calms down rats after they are exposed to something traumatic. Duh bro.

From Newser:
(Newser) – Should we start issuing marijuana to soldiers? It might not be the worst idea, based on a new study from Haifa University in Israel, which found that pot could prevent post-traumatic stress disorder in rats—provided it was administered within 24 hours of the trauma occurring. “There is a critical window of time after trauma, during which synthetic marijuana can help prevent symptoms,” the study’s lead author tells the AFP

To arrive at their conclusion, the researchers first exposed rats to extreme stress; they found that the creatures exhibited symptoms similar to those of humans with PTSD. Then they split the rats into groups, giving some no marijuana, and injecting others with it at various times. A week later, they found that those who hadn’t been treated, or hadn’t been treated quickly enough, exhibited PTSD symptoms and anxiety. Those who had toked up within 24 hours still exhibited signs of anxiety, but the symptoms were gone.

Wow, if you become stressed weed can help you stop freaking out. I bet scientists just take research money, smoke a shit ton of pot, and then just right what they know is true; that weed helps stress management. I mean come on guys, you really need the full injecting rats and shit?

Afghan soldiers do it and look how their country is doing

The study is still pretty fucking stupid thought because what are they going to do, let soldiers smoke after battle? What happens when the camp gets attacked and everyone inside is baked as fuck? Doesn't seem smart to me dudes.

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