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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sox Say Peace to Francona

Peace dipshit

From Newser:
(Newser) – Still reeling from their epic September collapse, the Red Sox have decided to part ways with longtime manager Terry Francona, sources tell the Boston Globe. The skipper is meeting with GM Theo Epstein and the team’s owners today, and the expected resolution will be that the team will not pick up his $4.5 million option for next year. 

Sources say the decision was made on an ownership level; Epstein yesterday said he didn’t blame Francona for the Sox collapse, but John Henry has made no comment on the matter. Francona is expected to support the decision; asked yesterday if he wanted to stay, he was stunningly non-committal, saying only, “Theo and I talked today a little bit. I think we’ll continue to talk tomorrow. … It’s still pretty fresh and pretty raw. It’s a fair question.”

I think Francona, I really do. But you have to expect a shitload of changes to the Sox to start right now. You don't complete the biggest collapse in the history of the MLB and just keep everybody. Francona isn't gone yet, but he will be within a few days. And then we'll see who else the Sox want to continue without.

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