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Monday, September 12, 2011

Watson Gets a Job

So I know you have all been dying to hear about what IBM's supercomputer Watson has been up to since he stomped out all competitors on Jeopardy. The answer is his new job is to process medical information for millions of customers of WellPoint. Whatever that is.

From CNN Money:
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- IBM's Watson computer thrilled "Jeopardy" audiences in February by vanquishing two human champs in a three-day match. It's an impressive resume, and now Watson has landed a plum job.

IBM is partnering with WellPoint, a large health insurance plan provider with around 34 million subscribers, to bring Watson technology to the health care sector, the companies said Monday.
It will be the first commercial application of Watson, which is a computing system that aims to "understand" language as humans naturally speak it. IBM (IBM, Fortune 500) has been working on Watson for more than six years.

The goal is for Watson to help medical professionals diagnose and sort out treatment options for complicated health issues. Think of the system as an electronic Dr. House. 

Oh hey IBM, can I borrow your super computer to control the world via every single human's medical information? Oh I can? Thanks guys!

But seriously, at least Watson is being used for something constructive instead of beating humans at mind games. Maybe they should take it a step further and ask Watson what to do about our healthcare system. I mean he can Google it like a million times faster than a person. He'll know what to do. I mean until now he was part of the unemployment problem in our country. Finally he is getting his act together, quitting coke, and getting off welfare. We should all take a page out of Watson's book.

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