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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

$210k Phone Bill, No Shit

From Dailymail:
Most of us dread opening any of our bills.
But one South Florida woman got the shock of a lifetime- when she opened her cell phone bill to find she owed a mind-blowing $201,000.

Worse still, Celina Aarons soon learned that it wasn't a mistake.

Celina has two brothers who were born deaf and cannot speak.
Shamir the younger one is in college and doesn't work, and Celina is especially close to him.

The easiest way for them to communicate is by texting.
Normally, that's not a problem. Aarons has a data plan and the bill usually comes to a total of about $175.

But then Shamir went to Canada for a two-week holiday.
Neither Celina nor her brother thought to change him to an international plan.
Between them the two brothers sent over 2,000 texts and also downloaded videos, sometimes racking up $2,000 in data charges.
After getting the bill Miss Aarons said: 'I asked three, four times. I was like "Are you serious?'
She told WSVN-Channel 7 News: 'I was freaking out. I was shaking, crying. 'I was like my life is over.'

The phone company should have told her the bill was soaring, Celina argues.
T Mobile said that Shamir was billed $10 per megabyte and that they had texted the rate to him. 

Four additional texts were sent to his phone as the charges surged, they said.
The phone company have now reduced the bill to $2,500 and given Celina six months to pay it.

Alright this chick is definitely the winner of the motherfucking week. First, she racks up this retarded bill with her deaf brothers who also apparently aren't smart enough to know what roaming is. THEN she bitches a little and next thing you know T Mobile reduces the bill by $207gees. Winning at it's finest.
Use us, we won't even make you pay your bill!

I mean come on T Mobile, if this was AT&T or Sprint this whiny brat would be paying in full. Sell the house and the car and your soul, because they would make you pay. Now that everyone knows T Mobile is soft the floodgates of deaf people texting are going to open. Try enforcing those huge bills now T Mobile you fucking morons.

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