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Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Will Hunting Reunion

So what could possibly bring MAt Damon and Ben Affleck back together for more of their slightly homo movie duet? Only the most badass gangster to come out of Boston in ever. That's right, Affleck and Damon are making the Whitey Buldger movies, two to be axact.

From Variety:
Warner Bros. is reuniting the "Good Will Hunting" team, tapping Ben Affleck to direct and star in a Whitey Bulger biopic with Matt Damon portraying the mobster.

Casey Affleck will co-star and "Boardwalk Empire" creator Terrence Winter is writing the script.
Studio confirmed the project Monday, five months after Bulger, the head of Boston's Winter Hill Gang, was captured in Santa Monica after being on the lam for 16 years. Bulger fled authorities in Boston just before he was indicted in 1995 for federal racketeering.

Affleck and Damon will produce under their under their Pearl Street Films shingle, through their first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pearl Street's Chay Carter will executive produce and Sarah Schechter is overseeing for the studio.

Man who the fuck else could do what better be another classic Boston movie? I mean Good Will Hunting, The Departed, The Town, Affleck and Damon are about to add to their dominance of the Boston movie pantheon.

That could be Matt Damon right? Maybe?

I mean even though Affleck is really from California and is sometimes a suspect overall actor, when he is with Damon Matt makes him get his shit together. I'm calling it right now, next fucking sick-ass Boston movie will be the Whitey chronicles.

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