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Monday, October 17, 2011

Here is Why I Don't Bridge Jump

Jesus christ people wonder why I'm a pussy about bungie-jumping and crazy shit like this.

From the NY Daily News:
A wind suit turned out to be a life-saving outfit for one unlucky parachute jumper in Florida.
Christopher Brewer, 27, nearly died on Saturday after jumping off the River Gorge Bridge as part of Bridge Day when his parachute didn't open, WCHS-TV reported.

The frightening incident was caught on video - including the moment when Brewer plummeted into the water.
Brewer's fall was cushioned by a wind suit that slowed down his fall - just enough for him to survive, officials told the TV station.

So this guy goes to jump off the bridge and his chute doesn't open, and the only thing that saves his life is the wind suit he was wearing that got enough wind resistance to keep him from exploding on impact with the water. I mean that shit is scary as fuck. Imagine the instant you realize your chute isn't coming out. I can't even wrap my head around the pure terror he felt before he hit. Craziness.

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