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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jessica Simpson Already Whoring Her Child

From the NY Post:
Jessica Simpson is pregnant, but she wouldn’t confirm anything to anyone until she had a magazine deal -- for a fee of up to a half-million dollars. Sources told Page Six that Simpson, with the help of her father/manager, Joe Simpson, refused to say she is expecting until she had a deal in place. The singer/fashion designer and mentor on NBC’s “Fashion Star” had been shopping a deal to the celebrity weeklies to announce the news and sell the eventual baby photos. We’re told the Simpsons were asking up to $500,000 to close the deal. 

Media whore

This is when shit has gone too far. Not even saying you are having a kid until you get a magazine deal. What a fucking slutbag. Jessica why don't you just tattoo "Need Money" on your forehead? I mean that Nick Lachey alimony must be running dry huh? Isn't she supposed to be a singer? Why not just make a new album for money instead of whoring out your kid before the motherfucker even gets here.

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