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Monday, January 30, 2012

Shaun White is a Fuck

So in case you missed the last night of the X Games last night there were sick finals in snowmobile big air and the snowboarding Superpipe. In the Superpipe Shaun White and his fake busted ankle crushed on everyone. This was his run after he already had it in the bag.

Now that was a fucking ridiculous fucking run no doubt. So just let him have his 5-peat. But no, the judges gave him a motherfucking 100. A perfect score. Even though his hands clearly touch on the last landing. You have to dock a motherfucker like half a point for that shit. But snowboarding sucks on Shaun White's dick so I guess that can be expected. I mean a 100 score is basically admitting that he is the best athlete there sport will ever see. Which he might be.

By the way nice skinny snowboard pants bro. I don't care if sports science says they make you more aerodynamic they look fucking fruity as hell.

Oh and there was a pretty decent trick for the win in the sled big air finals.

Dude's name is Frisby too. Pretty badass.

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