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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Websites Protest with Blackouts

From NY Daily News:
So where did Wikipedia go?

That’s a question millions of people are asking this morning as they find the popular online encyclopedia has gone dark.

Wikipedia, Craigslist, Reddit and other websites have blacked out in protest against two anti-piracy bills in Congress — the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA) — that are pitting the entertainment industry against the tech world.

The bills were designed to stop piracy of copyrighted music, movies, and television shows. But critics including Google, Twitter, and some of the original architects of the Internet itself, say the legislation could censor the Internet, hobble online innovation and change what made the Internet what it is today.

Here’s our breakdown of what it all means.

Simply put, they would give copyright holders new ways to punish websites that host pirated content.
Both bills originally empowered copyright holders to request orders that would block access to foreign websites accused of hosting pirated content.

That means that users within the U.S. would essentially see an error message when they try to visit that website, though users in other countries would still be able to visit it. This provision has been removed from SOPA pending "further examination," though it's still included in PIPA.

SOPA also requires search engines to delete links to offending websites from their search results, while PIPA does not.

Look at least big websites are stepping up to the plate on this shit. I mean I thought that I'd fucking be talking about this shit and no one would even know. But with Wikipedia and Craigslist doing it you know shit is serious. I mean at least you know pedophiles and college kids are losing out on this PIPA SOPA shit.

I mean look I'll be honest, I'm probably going to get some heat if this shit goes through. I mean look, I stole this.

I'm fucked

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  1. screw that noise, i greatly enjoy free movie and music downloads. fucking fascists.