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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sex Toy Delivery

From Huffington Post:
You already ordered pizza and a DVD on Netflix -- now you can have late-night entertainment of condoms and lube delivered right to your door.

It's a new take on one of New York's most cherished classics: bike delivery service. Only this time it's vibrators rather than dim sum coming to your doorstep. Babeland, one of the city's sex-shop staples, is heading the campaign, The Brooklyn Paper reports.

"We've had people call and say, 'We desperately need it here within the hour,'" said Steph, a Babeland sex educators who only gave her first name to the paper. "It's the gift that keeps on giving."

The service allows New Yorkers to peruse hundreds of sexy products on Babeland's website, then call in their lusty orders and have a bike messenger leave "a discreet-looking box" by the buzzer. The Brooklyn Paper calls the service the paramount excuse to stay in bed -- all day long.

Delivery costs $30, but it's free on Valentine's Day.

I've been looking for something blog-worthy for the past half hour and then this drops in my lap. I mean NASA finding some weirder kind of space dust, snoozer. More Pats Giants Superbowl shit, weak. NYC having sex toy delivery? Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.

Now my feeling on sex toys is this, if your dick can't get the job done then you probably have an issue. But I know some people like to toss on a cock ring and use butt-plugs and all fucking kinds of weird shit so whatever. And this chick is genius because a 30$ delivery charge? Jesus it's really only worth it if you are buying like a $5,000 diamond dildo or some shit. I mean shit man a dick works just as good.

That's worth the 30$ for sure

And the free delivery on Valentine's Day means the delivery dudes are going to be in Tour De France type shape. Shit with no ball-busting delivery charge even I would get some fuzzy handcuffs or a sex swing or some shit. Why the fuck not right?

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