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Monday, February 27, 2012

These kids don't fuck around

From Newser:
Three students who admitted putting rat poison in their teacher's coffee are being punished ... by being sent to other schools. The 10- and 11-year-old kids are accused of putting poison in the coffee as well as in the icing of a cupcake in December at California's Balderas Elementary School, but one of the boys "knocked the cup of coffee out of the teacher's hand when she was going to drink it," says the Fresno Teachers Association president. 

The students were expelled when the district learned of the incident two weeks ago, but teachers and parents are not happy with the punishment and the police are now investigating, KFSN reports. "They should not be placed at another campus where now other staff and other students have to worry," says a teacher at the Phoenix Academy, where two of the boys will be sent. "These kids are going to be elevated to gods to many of our kids, they're going to say this is great, 'maybe I can do something similar to a teacher or an adult.'"

Wrong kind of poison bro
What the fuck is wrong with kids these days? Dudes need to play outside and stop watching fucking television. Did I just say that? But for real, when you go outside and have to imagine friends with you while you run through the woods it makes you more realistic. Poisoning the teacher would just make the school day longer which means more time between times you can go fuck around.

What the fuck does it say about the parents' that they were "not happy with the punishment". Really? How about throwing your little fucker into juvenile custody for attempted murder? Does no one already see that these kids are going to grow up to be murderers? I'm just saying.

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