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Monday, March 12, 2012

Chess outlaws sluttiness

From NY Daily News:
Women who wear low-cut blouses to compete in chess tournaments are being put in check.

New rules dictate that female players in the European Women’s Championship in Turkey cannot reveal “décolletés,” or cleavage.

Sava Stoisavljevic, the female European Chess Union General Secretary, told Chessbase News that the change in dress code was due to female players’ appearance causing a ruckus in the peanut gallery.
“I heard many comments from spectators and coaches,” Stoisavljevic said.

Players can keep two buttons on their tops open, but no more. Skirts must be no shorter than 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) above the knee.

Stoisavljevic didn’t seem to mind that the female players dressed in skimpy garments.

“It's nice to see chess players with short skirts — they are very pretty girls. But I believe there should still be some limit.”

The general secretary said that the rules were being put in place because some women weren’t dressing properly.

The rules, which apply to both men and women, demand that players wear clean clothing that does not show excessive wear or holes.

Players must not have body odor.

Sunglasses may be worn during play; hats, with the exception of religious head garb, may not. Flip-flops are banned.

This is some shit. I mean I suck at chess so if you sat a chick across from me with her boobs a poppin' I'd be in trouble. But I mean it is the women's championship so unless there are women who enjoy the company of ladies I think they are mostly on a level playing field.

This story makes me wonder how rowdy chess tournaments go. I mean are there really dudes heckling female competitors because they are showing a little skin? It seems more like fucking Lingerie League football then chess. Weird. I mean the thing is in Turkey why the fuck not just beat the dudes who are yelling with sticks? I thought that is like the baseline punishment over there.

So in this age of Google I decided to investigate the hottest chess playin' women out there. Here is a sample of my results:
Russia - Alexandra Kosteniuk

UAE - Mariam Mansur

France - Sophie Milliet

Peep more of the lovely female chess cream of the crop here.

Needless to say I was going to make one of the a Humpday Hotty but I mean come on, I have a smut-peddling operation to run here not a charity for smart chick pictures.

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