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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Oreos

From Phoenix New Times:
​Today, the cookie sandwich known as the Oreo turns one-hundred years old, and for the millions who routinely enjoy its near-perfect and seemingly un-screw-upable taste (I prefer the Double Stuf variety straight from my freezer), it's just as awesome today as it was on March 6, 1912, when the company was founded in Chelsea, New York City. 

How to celebrate a century of goodness? The brand's owner, Kraft Foods, is going all out with a worldwide campaign that includes a limited-edition birthday cake flavor, its own website and Facebook page, and seven surprise flash-mob-style celebrations -- one of which is right here in Phoenix. 

Crackalicious or kill yourself bad?
I am so torn about this birthday Oreo flavor. I mean for fuck's sake all I need is a reason to mow down Oreos by the bucket load. But no one can argue against the almighty Oreo. I mean as far as cookies go who are you going to put up against Oreo? Nutter Butter? Good but I mean Oreo, that is just the pinnacle of cookies. I just hope they didn't fuck up this birthday cake shit and make them taste like a butthole covered in sweetener. Gross.

Anyway I'm definitely trying thios new flavor and happy birthday to the illest cookie around. Deep-fried, frozen, doused in milk, any way you like 'em, the Oreo is king. And old as shit too.

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