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Monday, March 5, 2012

Loser of the Week: 3/5/12

So as far as losers go, this weeks is real dumb. Like full-retard type stuff.

From Newser:
Janaka Basnayake's world record attempt went tragically and terrifyingly wrong Saturday: The Sri Lankan man was attempting to set the record for longest time spent buried alive, but he was pronounced dead shortly after being unearthed. 

Friends and family helped to bury Basnayake in a 10-foot-deep trench sealed with wood and soil around 9:30am, and he was brought to the surface, unconscious, at 4pm, the AP reports, citing local media. Basnayake's mother says he had twice buried himself previously, staying under for two and a half hours once and six hours another time. It is not clear whether a record for longest time buried alive officially exists.

Hour 1

Wait a minute, the longest time buried might not even exist? So why the fuck would this guy try for like 6 hours? What the fuck kind of sense is that. How fuckin' dumb can a person be? Of all world records to try for why would the one that seems like guaranteed death sound good? Straight up idiot.

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