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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NHL Playoffs

If you haven't been watching the 2012 NHL Playoffs then you are missing out. Game after game for the past week has been full of scoring and fighting. I mean come on, compared to the meaningless daily void of April baseball season and whatever mind-numbing dumbass sports are on the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the shit.

I mean a women's basketball draftee was on ESPN yesterday, so you know they're digging for anything. The Flyers Penguins series alone has been non-stop face-smashing and goal-scoring. Patrick Elias, that old fuck, is continuing his beastly season to try and get the Devils back on top. And as of right now the Bruins grinded out a 2-1 lead in their hard-hitting series against the Caps.

Watching this awesome hockey has led me to question why the fuck Americans don't watch more hockey? I mean baseball before August is so boring and meaningless it makes me want to cave my skull in with a rock. And the NBA Playoffs start soon but I know none of you watch that besides me.

During the playoffs about 75% of goals scored are ridiculous and though normally the referees make it a point to not allow brawling for the playoffs, this year all bets are off. People getting duffed all over the place. The Penguins and Flyers racked up 150 penalty minutes including what during the 3rd period turned out to be a 20 minute intermission so about seven different face-thrashings could resolve. Even Sidney "The Pussfart" Crosby tried to be tough, in a 2v1. The game also included 12 goals.

Bottom line is, if you aren't at least watching some hockey for the next few weeks, you are an idiot.

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