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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NFL Rules Changes

So the NFL threw up a big middle finger this week to bad-ass kick returners like DeSean Jackson and Josh Cribbs.

From Bleacher Report:
Kickoffs will now be taken from the 35-yard line instead of the 30. Doesn't seem like much? Look at it this way: Just about every NFL kicker can nail a kickoff 70 yards (the old requirement to reach the end zone line), but only a select few can consistently kick it 75 or 80 yards.
This means that in the past, the kickers who could barely reach the end zone were taught to put more hang time on their kicks and place them in the corners, thus reducing the distance of their kicks. Now, those same guys will be able to put their kicks five yards deep with average or worse hang time. What return man is going to take the ball from five yards deep with guys sprinting at him from five yards closer than last year?

So there go fuckin' sick kick returns. Look, I'm not an animal, but I don't think the NFL is bloodsport. Considering how crazy kick-off situations, not many players get injured during them. And I respect the NFL for trying to protect players, but dude, it's still football and you can't make it safe. Maybe instead of making it safe you should provide adequate health insurance to players. Fucking Roger Goodell is pussifying the NFL.

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