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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sasha Grey, NOT Intellectual

So I'm surfing the net for smut and I find an article about Sasha Grey. The useless porn star cum dumpster that thought she became legit because she went on Entourage.

From The Daily Beast:
The 23-year-old has since starred in 224 adult films, directing two, with The New York Times describing her porn career as “distinguished both by the extremity of what she is willing to do and an unusual degree of intellectual seriousness about doing it.”

Do people really think that this little slut was performing "performance art" when her first movie was a gangbang? Do porn stars get this kind of cred? The New York fucking Times calling her a serious intellectual? Dude this chick would fuck a donkey for enough cash. It's called a whore.

The interview continues...

I read that your first porn scene was an orgy with the infamously hung and aggressive porn star Rocco Siffredi. That’s really diving head-first into the industry. But it also makes me think that perhaps your entire porn career was, as you put it, an act of “performance art.” 

Sasha: That’s the way I approached it, whether or not people agree with that. For me, it was a way of examining myself and examining the human condition, and projecting those things to my audience using my body as the tool, as the canvas. But it’s funny you say that, because for the first year, I thought, “Wow. It’s crazy that that was my first scene.” But when I thought about it more, I realized, “You know, it’s actually easier. I was around eight professionals and the attention wasn’t just on me.” You’re being able to test the waters, while also jumping right in.

I refuse to accept this. This girl got gangfucked like Pam Anderson on E and acts like it is art or something. Bitch you got boned for like 20k. That's called porn. Not Art. I'm not saying don't give the girl a chance to be a real actress, but don't call career of deepthroating and getting ass-pounded by dicks as art. She's not fooling me. Whore.

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