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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Book About Sex

Alright well it is nothing new, but a new book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, based on the largest internet sex study ever undertaken, has flushed out some interesting information about sexual arousal, porn selection, and other shit.

From the Daily Beast:

Men Are Wired to Objectify
It may sound like a lame excuse, but the authors say men are wired to view women's anatomy as objects. A computer engineer would say the male brain is like an "OR gate"—a machine turned on by any single stimulus. "It doesn't take much to trigger male arousal," Ogas says. Breasts, women kissing, a news photo of a woman's bottom—they pretty much all do the trick. Still, men aren't totally predictable. The single-most popular search term users entered into PornHub, the most heavily trafficked adult site in the world, isn't "teens" or "cheerleaders," as some of us might predict, but—get ready—"mom."

Women Aren't Easy to Figure Out
If the male brain is like a single toggle switch, then the female brain is "the cockpit of an F-1 fighter jet," says Gaddam—chock full of wires and buttons and interconnected fuses. So while a man might need little more than a beautiful woman to pique his interest, a chiseled face or six-pack abs simply won't do it for most women: They need to be emotionally turned on, too (which might help explain why just 2 percent of all paid porn subscriptions are made on credit cards with women's names, according to one billing service). "Women need to feel comfortable and safe and desired as well as physically attracted," says Ogas. Complicated, sure. But oh-so-alluring.

Okay okay we get it. Guys are simple-minded douchebags. But the study also talks about how 20 "interests" make up 80% of porn searches. So basically most of us like about 20 different things like "young" or "MILF" but then there are those 20% of searches that are for like  "asian poops on midget". Makes me feel better knowing that most of us aren't ridiculous.

And of course dudes like extremes. No matter the age of the dude, the idea of the sexy young cheerleader and the idea of the sexy MILF are as American as throwing in a lip at a NASCAR race. Just pure Amurica.

Follow the link up top to read other shit the study found out.

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