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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pauly D, 3-Album Deal?

So of all the cast members of the Jersey Shore, Pauly D is obviously the most legit as far as staying power. And now he is in negotiations with 50 Cent to sign to his label for a not one, but three album deal. Shit you not.

From TMZ:
Sources close to negotiations tell TMZ, the "Jersey Shore" DJ met with Fiddy and his people in NYC last week -- where they discussed the lucrative record deal ... and also tossed around the idea of a Pauly D merchandise line, specifically Pauly D-brand headphones.

Nothing's signed yet -- but according to sources, 50 wants to hammer out the deal ASAP ... before Pauly jets off to Italy to shoot "Jersey Shore" Season 4.

We're told talks have become so serious -- 50 and Pauly have even started to kick around ideas for people Pauly can collaborate with. Calls to 50's people weren't returned.

Okay so I realize that Pauly D is a DJ and everything but do I think he could be a legit artist? Fuck no. I think Ron Artest is better than him probably. He just plays house music. It's not that hard. Three fuckin' albums? That's a lot of faith 50 is putting on DJ Pauly D. I don't have that much faith in him, he is the man, but a real artist? I'll say no.

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