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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is JWOWW Really Hot?

So MTV has some photos from a photoshoot Jwoww from the Jersey Shore was at for her bronzer or something stupid. My question is, is Jwoww actually hot? I mean big, fake tits were kind of a 90's thing. And to me I just look at her and see Jersey garbage. Maybe I'm biased against huge silicon and dirtbagginess. IS Jwoww hot? You decide.

From MTV:
JWOWW recently went Down Under to take a bunch of photos for her line of Australian Gold bronzer tanning lotion. Actually, Jenni wasn't in Australia, nor was she in a remake of Men At Work's video for "Down Under." The shoot actually took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not exactly the hotbed of sun in America but I guess that's why people use bronzers.

Anyway, JWOWW smiled and strutted for the cameras in a variety of skimpy outfits and the result, as usual, was pretty awesome. The 2:30 behind-the-scenes video is courtesy of Australian Gold, and though they teased some of the photos that we suppose will be used for promotional purposes (above), we went ahead and took a bunch of other screenshots for your viewing purposes. The video and pictures are after the jump.

You can throw fake tits on a cow and take it out of Jersey, but I think that secretly JWoww is hideous. And fuck fake Pam Anderson titties. I mean she's better than Snooki, but Snooki is a fucking grenade launcher.

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