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Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Derek Jeter The Classiest Athlete?

Think about it. After Jeter hit his 3,000th hit this weekend everyone was praising him. Even the Red Sox were watching him and complimenting him up and down after. In any other sport the best players always have haters. Michael Jordan talked shit. Sidney Crosby is a pretty-boy douchebag. But Jeter is universally loved.

The Captain

I'm a Red Sox fan and fuck I love the guy. He is just a class act. He is also one player no one even remotely thinks used steroids. Every other baseball player is open to suspicion. But Jeter is somehow above it. Because everyone loves him. He doesn't shit-talk, he is a gentleman to both team-mates and opponents alike. His 3,000th was a great moment for baseball and the Yankees and I'm happy he got it at home and went 5/5 on the day, like a boss.

And the fan who caught number 3,000 even gave it back. Because Derek Jeter somehow commands the respect of everyone in the entire world. Especially the ladies.

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