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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kenny Britt, NFL Gone Wild

From the New York Post:
HOBOKEN, N.J. — Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt has pleaded not guilty to three disorderly person charges stemming from a June arrest in New Jersey.

Hoboken police had suspected Britt was carrying a marijuana cigar.
Britt entered his plea Tuesday in Hoboken Municipal Court. He declined comment.
A judge set a Sept. 20 trial date. 

The former Rutgers star has had a series of recent legal difficulties.
Britt pleaded guilty last month to violations related to a speeding arrest in his hometown of Bayonne.

Whatup Kenny nice Lacoste in the mugshot

Here we go, yet again Ray Lewis' prediction that the lockout would cause NFL players to go nuts is all coming true. Better work on the CBA before someone gets killed people. Ben Roethlisberger is probably hoping the CBA talks go south so he can hit the streets and start raping.

This arrest looks weird though. Cops find a blunt in Britt's car, so he gets 3 counts of disorderly person? The fuck happened? Did he just go Rick James on the cops when they found his weed stash? Probably tossed some hands and got tasered. Find me that video right now.

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