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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why the All-Star Game Blows

The Home Run Derby was last night. Snoozefest. Robbie Cano crushed 12 to win. Tonight is the All-Star Game and my question is this.

Are All-Star games just pointless? I mean in the MLB the winner gets home field advantage for the World Series. But still no one cares. The NFL's Pro Bowl? No one even wants to do that, the top players all bow out. No one wants to get hurt during a scrimmage.

The NBA All-Star game is kinda cool. The Dunk Contest has been whack for years, and the game itself is okay at best. The only plus is no one plays defense so you can see all the sickest players just throwing alley-oops and crazy dunks and shit. Basically the NBA All-Star game is like the And 1 league. But no other All-Star game comes even close to being riveting television.

The MLB one for me takes the cake though. Take a slow game and make it slower; throw in about 85 pitching changes and guys just being slow as fuck because there is no urgency. It's worse than watching fucking paint dry.

Why have an AL--Star game at all? For the fans? I don't know how many people care about them at all. If the players don't then why should we? Just fucking axe them. Vote for the best players at each position and call it a day. Just give the players a break.

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