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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids These Days Are Pussies

Kids these days

From Time:
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Facebook and Time Warner are ganging up on bullies to address a problem that torments millions of children and young adults.

The partnership announced Tuesday calls for Facebook and Time Warner to use their clout to raise awareness about bullying and encourage more people to report the abuses when they see them.

The anti-bullying campaign will be waged on the Internet, on TV and radio and several major U.S. magazines. It's being billed as "Stop Bullying: Speak Up," a theme that Time Warner's Cartoon Network has been trumpeting since last year.

Reading this shit makes me pissed. No wonder our youth are coming into adulthood as Bieber-loving softy morons. Are you fucking kidding me with these e-bullying campaigns? Remember old school face-to-face bullying? That shit toughened you up. You learned to run fast because if the fucking big asshole kid caught you he'd beat seven shades of shit out of you for no reason. I think a mean Facebook post pales in comparison.

I mean this is what fucks our kids days up. We stop online bullying so when kids grow up they can't solve a real confrontation. I mean what the fuck. I mostly blame teenage girls. They fucking cry and shit when people say shit about them on the internet. Guess what kids, they'll do it to your face too. That's how we rolled before Facebook. Making fun of you and kicking your ass because you're different. Get the fuck used to it and deal. Don't go tell mommy and daddy. Fucking pussies.

I bet if you took one of these pussy suburban kids with their cyber bullying and stuck them in PS 109 in New York City they would get chewed up and spit out in a single day. The inner cities are a way to keep the real bullying alive; the honest kind of bullying.

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