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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Netflix Price Rant

So the other day Netflix announced they are changing their pricing system. Instead of $9.99 for dtreaming and mail-order DVD's, both services will be priced individually, and both together will go up to $15.98 a month.

From Huffington Post:
Judging by the reactions to the Netflix price hike--posted on Twitter feeds, Tumblrs and comments forums across the web--the streaming video and DVD-mail service might want to consider another change to its pricing plans, or at least the way it announces adjustments to them. A community has not been this upset about a decision since Clevelanders learned that Lebron James was taking his talents to South Beach.

Netflix, in case you missed it, delivered a major blow to its users by surprising them with a significant price hike. The company announced that the incredibly popular $9.99 "all-you-can-eat" streaming and DVD rental plan would be scrapped and be replaced by three separate plans: all-you-can-eat streaming for $7.99, or all-you-can-eat one-at-a-time DVDs for $7.99, or a combo for both at $15.98. 

Netflix users are not just angry at what they perceive to be the company's unjust greed; they are stung that one of their favorite companies could ever do something like this, and without any warning at all. 

Are we really so fucking  forgetful? Alright you people who are whining because Netflix is charging five more fucking dollars a month to see all the DVD's you want, listen up. Remember when you had to go to Blockbuster and pay like $5.99 for TWO FUCKING NIGHTS? One DVD two nights, $5.99. And jesus help you if you return it late. It was like 2 bucks for every night your DVD was late.

I got your back Netflix

Now think about this. ALL the DVD's you want; both streaming on your computer and hard-copy to your mailbox. By the way you can copy the fucking DVD's and own them forever. Tod o this only costs you $15 a month. Does that really seem like a crazy price? You pay $.99 per App or more for shit from Apple. So shut the fuck up. Three years ago Netflix was the shit and $9.99 was good. But now you can stream through the web. You could literally watch movies every minute of your waking life for 15 bucks a month. You know how much it is to go see ONE 3D movie? 15 bucks. So go fuck yourselves America.

Fuck you for saying they are greedy. These are the same people copying the DVD's they get and doing all kinds of shit with them. You are still getting a great deal, greedy fucks. So shut your fucking faces and if you are mad, don't buy Netflix and go rent DVD's and see who is greedy.

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