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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lamar's Driver Deadly Crash

From TMZ:
Odom was in NY on Thursday to attend a funeral for his cousin -- and had hired a car service to drive him around town during his visit. But while Odom was in the car, the vehicle was involved in an accident with a motorcycle ... which was propelled into a 15-year-old pedestrian.

The boy's family tells us ... the boy sustained major head injuries in the collision.

The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital ... and emergency surgery was performed in an effort to save his life ... but the injuries proved to be too severe ... and the boy died the following day.

A funeral for the boy took place earlier today. 

Dude, I know that driving a motorcycle is all manly and cool and shit. But those things seriously fuck people up when they crash. I mean in this case it wasn't even the driver. imagine watching an accident and seeing a motorcycle get "propelled" into a 15-year-old? Jesus christ man. However cool you look when you riding the thing, just think about what happens when you hit a Hummer. Maybe I'm a pussy. Or maybe motorcycles are for morons.

And talk about a shitty day. Oh hey Lamar Odom want to go to your cousins funeral? Oh wait now your driver killed a kid. Sweet.

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