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Friday, September 23, 2011

Divorce is Crazy

Jesus look at this shit a Colorado man did after his messy divorce. Chicken in the air ducts, really?

From NY Daily News:
Ronald Smith, 58, of Denver, was found guilty of stuffing raw chicken into the air vents of his now ex-wife's house, pouring bleach into her grand piano and targeting other objects of sentimental value.
He also donned a pair of cleated mountain boots and stomped across the home's new hardwood floors.
Smith was arrested for breaking into Michelle Young's residence to inflict thousands of dollars in damages as the couple's contentious divorce wrapped up in September 2010.

A Colorado jury, after a two-week trial, convicted him of second-degree burglary and criminal mischief following six hours of deliberations.

According to prosecutors, Smith began harassing his estranged spouse when the divorce papers were filed in 2009.

Is this dude really about get 18 years in prison? For stuffing some chicken in someone's ducts and stomping around in cleats and bleaching a piano? I mean isn't 18 years like drug trafficking and assault type shit? The legal system is so fucked up. Make him pay for the damages and give him a month or two in lockup. But 18 years? Really?

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