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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spontaneous Combustion

You know spontaneous combustion, it's when you just randomly light on fire. Well apparently it used to be a fake thing, and now it's a real thing.

From Newser:
On Dec. 22, 76-year-old Michael Faherty burned to death in his home in a blaze that, firefighters say, had no cause and was restricted to his body and the area immediately surrounding it. Yesterday, a coroner ruled that Faherty died of spontaneous human combustion, the Irish Times reports. 

The BBC notes that it is believed to be the first spontaneous combustion case in the country. Investigators and experts determined that there was no accelerant, no suggestion of foul play, and that the fire in the fireplace near where Faherty died was not the cause of the fire that killed him. 

Put me out bro!

 So you're telling me this guy just randomly became on fire? What the fucking fuck. We got an asteroid due to hit the earth today AND people just being set on fire. The fucking Mayans were right, shit is starting to hit the motherfucking fan. At least it's Friday.

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