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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The fuck is going on at MIT?

From Huffington Post:
Police are investigating the third student death at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this academic year.

The 21-year-old MIT student, Brian Anderson was found dead in his dorm room on Monday afternoon.
No immediate cause of death was given. However, MIT officials said Anderson's death did not appear to be a suicide like the other two undergrad deaths this year.

"Until the official investigation by the appropriate state and local authorities is complete, we will not fully know what led to this tragedy, but I encourage everyone to refrain from speculation," MIT Chancellor Eric Grimson wrote to students.

Come here and off yourself!

How fucking suspect is it that no cause of death was given? I mean does that mean they couldn't find any cause of death or they just don't want to tell anyone? Who the fuck knows.

Of course a school as nice as MIT will have suicides. I mean the motherfucking pressure those asian kids must put on themselves must be monumental. Instead of drinking their pain away like me I guess they just hang themselves. Personally a little smoke and a drink is all I need, but I'm a simple man.


  1. No suspected cause of death probably means, it was apparent it wasn't something obvious similar to a lot of suicides. Who knows at this point what caused Brian's death, I wouldn't jump in blaming the high stress of MIT mostly because that doesn't seem like Brian. However, it is upsetting to see that much death from a respectable school. All I know is that it's been a huge shock for everyone who knew him from his hometown, including me.

  2. my buddy went to mit and he said they didn't give freshmen grades anymore because so many would off themselves. you're talking about kids who have always been at the top of their classes, probably not too socially well rounded at that time in life, go to mit and look down at a c on their first report card and it's off the bridge we jump. shoulda went to caltech