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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet the e-cig on the plane guy

From The Smoking Gun:
The man who repeatedly yelled “Allah is great” as he was removed yesterday from a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing due to his unruly behavior is a 19-year-old Saudi Arabian who was arrested Sunday night after he led Oregon police on a drunken car chase that saw him ram two cop cars and attempt to run over pedestrians, The Smoking Gun has learned.
According to investigators, Yazeed Mohammed Abunayyan was smoking an electronic cigarette on a Continental Airlines flight traveling from Portland to Houston. When a flight attendant directed Abunayyan to stop smoking (or relinquish the device), he refused and began “yelling profanities and swinging his fist at the flight attendant,” according to an indictment filed this afternoon in U.S. District Court in Portland.

Abunayyan, pictured in the mug shot at right, also hit or attempted to hit other passengers and was “speaking or singing about Usama bin Laden and his hatred of women,” the indictment charges. Abunayyan, who reportedly has been in the U.S. visiting relatives, was charged with a felony count of interfering with flight crew members.

Go figure there was more to the e-cigarette on the plane story. Yesterday I railed about e-cigs on planes and shit and it turns out this guy was basically trying to get arrested. Dude looks pretty confused in that mugshot so who the fuck knows what he was thinking. All I know is if you start talking about Osama on a plane you're in for a long day. And dude is from Saudi Arabia.

These things indicate to me that right now he is in some FBI safe house getting water-boarded like a motherfucker. You just can't do shit on planes anymore. Get up on the bus or subway and yell about Osama and wave around your e-cig no one cares. Just not on a plane you idiot.


  1. While its understood e-cigs are a much safer alternative than the traditional cigarette, people do need to realise laws still apply. Smoking on a plane? Seriously? That is just insane and he should have known better!