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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

E-Cigs on flights

From Newser:
A flight out of Portland had to return to the airport yesterday after a man started puffing on an e-cigarette shortly after takeoff and refused to turn it off. He was escorted off the plane at Portland International Airport and may face federal charges, reports OregonLive.com. (It's not clear what those charges might be.) E-cigs do not give off smoke but rather a vapor from a liquid nicotine solution. 

This fact did not win over the flight staff, which accused the passenger of disobeying the 'no-smoking' sign. While federal law prohibits smoking on commercial planes, it does not address the relatively new e-cigs, which are gaining popularity as a tobacco-less alternative to smoking. The Department of Transportation has signaled it might ban them as early as this spring. Continental Airlines, which provided the fight, already has an explicit ban on them, notes MSNBC.

Not on my plane, bitch

Usually I'm pretty libertarian on shit like this. But even if my phone doesn't actually disrupt the flight maybe it should still be banned so a flight isn't full of annoying assholes on the phone the entire time. You know there would be at least 5 "that guy" per flight. This is the same thing, e-cigs don't bother shit. Fuck I've had a guy sit behind me in a class and puff an e-cig with no one giving a fuck. But then all smokers would get e-cigs for plane rides and it'd be annoying as shit. Just straight puffing those bitches all through the flight. Then Samuel L. Jackson has to yell about too many cigs on this motherfuckin' plane, it just doesn't end well at all.

I think it's fucking hilarious how people can't even postpone their rituals for an hour flight. No phone, no cigs, and no guns. That's it. For a short period of time. No one has any self-control anymore. Shit I lost my phone and went without one for two and a half weeks and besides my girlfriend not being able to summon me 24/7 I lived. But so many people were like " I couldn't do that I NEED my phone." Just listen to yourself when you talk people. You CAN live without a phone, for that three hour flight to Detroit, and longer if you really push yourself.

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  1. I love that the dude from the patridge family/the reality tv show featuring his marriage melting down is doing the ads for e cigs