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Friday, September 9, 2011

Peace to the Manning Dynasty

So yesterday Peyton Manning had another neck surgery, he has now had three of them in the past year and a half.

From ESPN:
Manning decided to have the surgery after consultation with a half-dozen doctors who reached a consensus that the most viable option would be a one-level cervical neck fusion in the wake of his May 23 surgery to repair a bulging disk. It's unclear whether Manning would be able to return to play this season.

The team said in a statement Thursday that the surgery was "uneventful" and that it would not place Manning on season-ending injured reserve and instead keep him on the active roster.

"This procedure is performed regularly throughout the country on persons from all walks of life, including professional football players. Two former Colts players had this same procedure last winter and have fully resumed their careers," the team said in the statement. 

This is some bullshit. Manning is going to be out awhile. I love the team statement "Two former Colts had this same procedure last winter and have full resumed their careers." Yeah dude, that was in winter. This is week 1 surgery. When the fuck will Peyton be ready, I don't know. And I hate the fucker, but we are watching the end of a great Quarterback's career and it is sad to see him go out like this. Oh and Colts fans, you are fucked if he's really declining.

Gotta hate him, but you gotta respect him too

This is finally the end of the Colts being good. The Colts aren't a good team, they just benefited from one of the best and smartest Quarterbacks of all time. He held that shit together. Look at the Colts without Manning. Weak. We are witnessing the end of the Colts as we know it. And once we see the Colts in a few games without Manning, everyone will realize how good he really is. They are an 8-8 team without him, watch.

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