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Monday, October 3, 2011

NFL Week 4 Monday Morning QB

So another week has gone by, and yesterday we saw more craziness in the post-lockout NFL. The Lions are still trucking, Mark Sanchez is god awful, and so is Joe Flacco. And all the hype about the Bills should be starting to fall away. Oh and and Cowboys suck too.

If you missed the Jets vs Ravens yesterday you missed both the most exciting and ugliest game of the week combined. The offenses besides Ray Rice were absolutely god awful. The defenses and special teams lit the motherfucker up. 5 Returning touchdowns last night. At one point the teams had more combined return yards than total offense. Flacco didn't complete a pass to a teammate from the start of the 2nd quarter until the 4 quarter. Sanchez looked like a scared infant out there. It was just beautifully ugly.

Look at some of these ugly stats.

Sanchez and Flacco were a combined 21 for 66 passes. Nice job bro's.

LaDainian Tomlinson ran for...-3 yards on 3 carries.

And the Baltimore defense had 1, that's right 1, offensive touchdown, in a game they won 34-17.

It was fucking wild to say the least.

I want to drink your dirty sanchez tears

And this week everyone hopped off the Patriot's dick because the Bills beat us last week. All the announcers took the Raiders because of their "smash mouth" style or something. Don't you people remember that passing wins rings? The Pats are a finesse team with the best quarterback in the league, sorry Raiders.

The Raiders play like scumbags and give up 15 yards every other play, they have no discipline at all. Yeah guys, that'll definitely work against the Pats, fucking idiots. And Wes Welker is a boss.

Oh and the fucking Yankees lost too.

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