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Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement Growing

So in case you haven't heard there are huge protests going on in New York City and elsewhere over the recent financial issues the country is facing. Protestors are calling for an end to corporations controlling government policy instead of the other way around.

From AJC:
NEW YORK — Protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other issues showed no signs of giving up their campaign on Monday, with organizers urging participants to dress up as corporate zombies and to take part in a rally against police brutality.

The arrests of 700 people on Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend fueled the anger of the protesters camping in a Manhattan park and sparked support elsewhere in the country as the campaign entered its third week.

Occupy Wall Street started with fewer than a dozen college students spending days and nights in Zuccotti Park, a plaza near the city's financial center. But a day after Saturday's mass arrests, hundreds of protesters were resolute and like-minded groups in other cities had joined in.

Group spokesman Patrick Bruner urged protesters on Monday to dress up as corporate zombies and eat Monopoly money to let financial workers "see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions."
As the encampment slowly began waking up Monday morning, several dozen police officers stood in formation across the street.

Here is a video from the NY Post of just before NYPD arrests about 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend.

This is badassery at its finest. I mean start out with a couple crunchy hippy college kids in New York city and next thing you know you have 700 people getting arrested for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. So badass.

I think protests like this are signals that something bigger is coming. Michael Moore on Real Time With Ball Maher described what is coming as a non-violent uprising by the lower class in America. Eventually there has to be a breaking point. Eventually people have to realize that in this country, the government is controlled by corporate money. In other countries, the government regulates the corporations as it should be. I mean maybe if everyone who doesn't have a job rolled down to Wall Street the government would see how big a fucking issue the economy really is.

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