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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fake Videos Piss Me Off

Is nothing sacred anymore? For fucks sake I go around the internet looking for ridiculous things. And then I find this. Seems innocent enough, "Son's Reaction to Empire Strikes Back". I'm a Star Wars fan so they got my 30 seconds of attention. And then I see the little fucker look right at the camera to make sure Daddy get's his entire OH SHIT face. Dude, I'm not a genius, but for christ's sake train your kids better.

And because I'm a man of the people, I won't let you down and I'll show a badass video to make up for that pussy actor's fucking sullying of the time I cried watching the Empire Strikes Back.

That's kinda what I want to do to that kid's dad. Just go Kimbo all over his bitchass.

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