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Monday, October 3, 2011

Diddy is Crazy

Alright so over the weekend Diddy threw a big party in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards. And someone there was drinking vodka. The part that got Diddy steamed was that it wasn't his Ciroc vodka.

And of course, TI has to try and make the peace because that motherfucker just got out of lockup.

There are also reports of gun fire in that club later that night but who knows.

Look, I just can't believe Diddy is this much of a cocksucker. Really, dude, some guy is drinking another brand of vodka (how Diddy even knows what's in the dudes drink is beyond me) and you just go apeshit? Real fucking classy you piece of shit. I mean jesus christ. You wouldn't even be able to afford vodka if you hadn't hopped onto Biggie's nuts at the right time. Does Diddy even rap anymore? What a washed up douchebag. And just because it's hilarious here is the play-by-play in case you couldn't hear Diddy being a cocksucker.


From TMZ:
It all went down at the BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend after-party at Compound nightclub -- when Diddy, a spokesman for Ciroc Vodka, spotted someone drinking a rival liquor.

Diddy began shouting at the man, "B*tch ass n**gas ... put that sh*t down ... before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass."

It appears Diddy grabs ice and throws it at the man ... before screaming, "What the f**k are you gonna do, b*tch? F**king f*ggot ass light skin n**gas get the f*ck out of my face."

That's when T.I. -- who's still on probation stemming from a gun arrest -- grabbed another microphone and pleaded with Diddy, "I done paid enough time ... and nobody else in this motherf**ker [who is] talking about fighting done did no time."

He then told Diddy, "Let them n**gas drink what the f**k they want man." 

Hilarious. If I was the guy Diddy was freaking out at I would have just been like Ciroc is shit and so are you, I got Rubinoff in this bitch instead of Ciroc. Eat a dick.

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