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Friday, January 13, 2012

Bath Salts are Stupid

From Dailymail:
A woman caught a flesh-eating infection after injecting bath salts into her arm at a party, it has emerged.

This caused the life-threatening condition necrotizing fasciitis to spread through the 34-year-old's upper body within days and led to surgeons having to cut away her arm, shoulder and breasts.

At first they thought she had a common skin infection and she was treated with antibiotics, which reduced her symptoms. However, she still had lingering pain at the site of a small red puncture wound.

She then admitted she had injected 'bath salts' two days before and when she was re-examined doctors realised she had developed a flesh-eating infection.

She underwent emergency surgery as doctors battled to stop it spreading across her whole body.
'The infection moved so fast that pink, healthy tissue was literally dying before the surgeons' eyes,' a university spokesman said.

'They had to keep removing tissue until they reached clear margins of healthy tissue to stop the progression of disease. 

What the fuck is up with this bath salt thing? Why the fuck don't people do real drugs instead? I mean at least if you tie off heroin you know what you're getting into. How the fuck do you end up injecting bath salts at a party?

I mean it sounds awful but this chick deserved what she got. Just think of the name "bath salts" what part of that seems like shooting it into your arm will be good? Honestly what the fucking fuck. Do coke or meth or something I mean that shit is cqalled a drug, it is supposed to get you high. As opposed to bath salts, which are made to sooth your ass in the tub. Do people not see the difference?

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  1. you make a good point, but how fucked up is losing an arm and a titty from freakin bath salts? seems awfully innocuous to lose an arm and titty over.