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Friday, January 13, 2012

Wu Tang FBI File Unsealed and is Awesome

So apparently the FBI has released the almost 100 page file of Old Dirty Bastard, and some of the crimes reportedly committed by the Wu-Tang put to doubt any claims that they aren't hard as shit.

If you want beef...
From NY Daily News:
Newly unsealed FBI documents portray Wu-Tang Clan members as more mobsters than musicians, linking the Staten Island rappers to guns, drugs and a pair of murders.

The eyebrow-raising portrait of the renowned nine-man rap crew emerges from the 93-page federal file on the late Russell Jones, better known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

According to an August 1999 report, NYPD detectives “have documented in their case files that the WTC is involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, car jackings and other types of violent crime.”

The documents also blame the Dec. 30, 1997, murder of a Staten Island man on an unidentified member of the group. The gun used in the killing was purportedly part of a weapons cache purchased by Wu-Tang members in Steubenville, Ohio.

“At least one of these guns ... has been identified as the murder weapon in the killing of Robert Johnson, aka Pooh,” the FBI document said.

“Johnson was an associate of the WTC who had a falling out with the group, and it is believed that his murder was ordered by someone within the WTC.”

The full document can be viewed here. It's shooting after shooting and gun purchase after gun purchase. It even talks about how they would set up their associates with production companies and fronts and shit.

The thing that this whole thing makes me think is how soft rappers these days are. I mean we all know the gang-banging stories of Snoop Dogg and Ice-T and 50 Cent. But I mean look at these fucking clowns rapping about shooting and shit now. Drake no one is worried you are going to "catch a body" because you've never shot a gun in your life. The Wu-Tang Clan is the hardest, and these documents prove it. Frum the slums of Shaolin.

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